Kingsbury Episcopi

Kingsbury Episcopi

Worship commences at 10.45am every sunday


This Methodist Church is here to:-

  • increase awareness of God's presence and love
  • help people to grow and learn as Christians
  • be a good neighbour especially to people in need
  • make more followers of Jesus Christ

Kingsbury Episcopi Methodist Church (KEMC) is a lively, outward looking church in the centre of the attractive village of Kingsbury Episcopi. The village has a population of approximately 1400, and a primary school with which the Church has good relationships.

Church membership is 48, mostly active retirees, and a small group of regularly attending children.

The ethos of the church is to be outward looking to the community, and to encourage the use of the premises for, and by, the community. It is a primary aim for the church to be welcoming to all in the hope that the love of the Lord may shine through the members and reach out to those who do not yet believe.

Attendance at Sunday Services averages 30 in the morning. We join wth other local chuches (Anglican and United Reformed) for occasional joint services.

In addition to regular activities the Church holds a number of functions during the year which are aimed at attracting non-church folk into the building to have an enjoyable time. Examples are concerts such as ‘Jazz in the Church’, ‘Swing in the Church’, and concerts by the local brass band. The church plays a major role in the annual village May festival, and has hosted concerts and plays by the primary school.

Regular events which are part of the church’s outreach, include Saturday Children’s Craft Mornings, which attract many local children and parents, and  the popular ‘Sunday Lunch for Singles’, aimed at folk living on their own who like some company on a Sunday.

The church is also outward looking in it’s giving with a regular Special Project offertory for local, national, and international charities.

               Regular mid-week activities include:

                    Monthly Wednesday Evening Fellowship


                     Friday Coffee Pot – a community ‘drop-in’ 

                     Craft Club

                    Coffee & Conversation, a fellowship group
                    meeting in a member’s home.

Other local Churches:

Kingsbury Episcopi Parish Church is situated about half-a-mile from the Methodist Church, and there are regular ecumenical activities. The nearest United Reformed Churches are at Middle Lambroke and Martock. A newly formed group entitled ‘Christians in Kingsbury’ as an attempt to improve the ecumenical ties between the two churches.


The main church was modernised in the mid 1980’s and now has flexible arrangement, with half the space having fixed pews, and the remainder an open area which is used for many activities and events. In 2007 a major scheme was undertaken to raise £150,000 to build the new Wesley Room, and new toilet/kitchen facilities. At the same time the premises were brought to an acceptable standard for disability access and use. With extra chairs the church can seat approximately 150.

The Church is equipped with an induction loop hearing system, and large print church literature.

Vision and mission:

The church has a vision to become a 'community centre' in the village, and thereby witnessing for Christ to the community. Being located in the centre of the village helps this aim.

The church's mission is to involve itself, with the other churches, in the community to the maximum possible extent thereby demonstrating the power and love of God to those who live and work around the churches.

The village has almost no facilities for young people, (children or teenagers), and the church believes that there is scope for offering practical and church centred mission to the young. It is hoped this can be achieved on an ecumenical basis.

The church sees a part of it's mission as keeping the presence of the Kingsbury Church well advertised and promoted in the larger local communities which do not have a Methodist Church.

The nearest sizeable community to the church is the large village of Martock which is 3 miles distant and has a population of 5,000 + which does not have a Methodist Church. Active promotion is achieved here. Several of the church members live in Martock.

Local Contacts:  Church Communications Officer;  Tel. 01935 823751 or e-mail:

                              Rev Philip Wagstaff